The Most Popular Haircuts Around the Country

The Most Popular Haircuts Around the Country interviewed Stacie Bowie for their haircut article The Most Popular Haircuts Around the Country

The article featured many great looking haircuts and styles that are popular around America. You find different looks, opinions and styles but they are all beautiful and insightful for their different views. Check it out (here) it’s a very good read with beautiful photos. – Is there an especially popular haircut women are requesting lately?

Stacie Bowie – The Lob is a popular haircut request. I use Shu Uemura Essence Absolue Oil to help hydrate and style this look. – Why do you think it’s popular? (Does it work for a lot of hair types, easy maintenance, etc?)

Stacie Bowie – The Lob or Long Bob is popular because it is a very versatile cut that looks good with varying lengths making it perfect for all face shapes and life styles. It’s suitable for most hair types. –Do you have any tips for what someone should ask her stylist in order to get this cut?

Stacie Bowie – My advice is, don’t be afraid to show pictures of what you have in mind. Also, be open to your stylist’ advice and let them guide you. For example, if you are a brunette with frizzy curly hair and you show them a picture of a blonde with fine sleek hair, that’s not realistic for you. Also pick a style that matches your lifestyle and amount of effort you are willing to put into styling your hair everyday.

Pictured below, The Lob worn straight or wavy to show it’s versatility


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