The Long BoB or LoB is it right for you?

The LOB (Long Bob) has been popular for a few years now but for good reason. It’s pretty and easy to manage. It also looks good on a lot of people with different hair types and color. It’s can be styled curly or worn more straight too. If you’ve thought a different look consider LOB but know it’s not for everyone. 

Good for: Normal hair, Fine hair, Thick hair, Wavy hair

Not so Good for: Tight Curly or Frizzy Hair

Styling your LOB:
Use a 1 1/4” inch Curling Iron to create loose texture beach waves. Finish with Rene Furterer Texture Spray and to add volume you can use Shu Uemura Ample Angora  Both of these products can be found in the salon or on our Online store


When you looking for a cut for yourself here’s a few tips to help pick the right look for you. 

1. If you not considering changing your hair color, look for a picture of the cut you like on a person with the same hair color and texture. Haircuts look different on Blondes than they do on Brunettes for example. 

2. Consider your lifestyle and how much time you have to style it every morning. Precision cuts like a short Bob will take more time to style than a longer style with layers. 

2. Face shape is an important factor. Long faces are better with longer styles, round faces can be complimented with a cut that’ll be more flattering. 

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