DiamondGlow Facial Treatment

DiamondGlow Facial Treatment

Are you looking for the ultimate facial treatment that will leave you glowing? Look no further than the DiamondGlow Facial Treatment! This advanced facial is packed with a myriad of powerful benefits that will leave you looking and feeling rejuvenated.


The DiamondGlow Facial Treatment is a unique and highly advanced service that utilizes a specialized wand with a diamond-tipped head to abrade and resurface the skin. This process allows treatments to be more targeted, as the diamond crystals remove surface debris and allow the skin to absorb serum more efficiently. Additionally, the diamond wand’s decreasing size assures that the surface of the skin is polished and refined, allowing the cream to penetrate deeper into the skin.


The treatment is incredibly relaxing and comfortable, as the diamond wand gently glides over the skin in a circular motion, providing thorough exfoliation and intense nourishment. The DiamondGlow Facial Treatment gently removes dead skin cells and impurities while stimulating cell turnover.

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DiamondGlow Membership - monthly $150

1 - DiamondGlow Signature Facial 25% off plus 10% off all spa services and 10% off skincare products.

VIP Facial Membership - monthly $127.50

1 - Bowie Signature Facial 15% off plus 10% off all spa services and 10% off skincare products.

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